It’s time for our Open House!

This Saturday, April 26th, from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, we’ll be having our final Open House for the 2014 camp season. We’re expecting a lot of prospective camp families, who’ve yet to make their summer camp plans. Our Open Houses are always a great way for families to become familiar with NSDC. We’ll be having a magician and arts and crafts projects for the children, tours led by our Division Leaders and refreshments for all.

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THE MANSION at North Shore Day Camp

North Shore Day Camp hosted an inter-camp sports competition a few years ago. As the visiting day camp’s team members walked toward this large and impressive, three-story structure, their eyes were fixed on the building, its circular driveway, south portico and extraordinary white ionic columns. One of the visiting campers, while looking at and pointing to the building, shyly whispered to one of his teammates, “Do you think the President is home today?”

Yes, it is quite an astonishing building, and it truly reflects the Gold Coast Estate feeling of our 14 acre campus which overlooks Long Island Sound. The mansion at North Shore Day Camp was built in the late 1800’s by the Bushby Family. In 1898, the main house was given as a wedding gift by Mr. & Mrs. Bushby to their eldest daughter, Gertrude Bushby, who married Thomas Leeming. Mr. Leeming was the founder of the company which introduced BENGAY to the world! Generations of the Leeming Family lived in the Mansion and enjoyed it until 1947. It served as their summer “get away” home. Can you imagine a fountained statue pond and ponies in front of the Mansion and fruit trees where our soccer fields and tennis courts now stand? They were all here by the Mansion.
In the summer of 1943 North Shore Day Camp opened at a nearby waterfront Mansion.

The logo for the camp, a lightening sailboat, came from a boat left there for the camp to use. In 1947 the Schoen Family, who were the original owners of North Shore Day Camp & School bought the estate and mansion of our present camp. They lived in the upper two floors of the house. In 1949 they opened North Shore Day School.
In 1998 TLC family of camps proudly added North Shore Day Camp to its family of premier camps (presently, Timber Lake, Tyler Hill, Timber Lake West, Hampton Country Day Camp, Hampton Sports and Arts, and Southampton Racket Club and Camp). The Mansion was restored to maintain its original architectural integrity and splendor. And if you listen carefully enough, you can imagine and almost hear the sounds of the original serving staff as they wound their way down the back stairs from the third floor to the kitchen pantry.

Today you will see a music class of young campers performing on the eastern front porch, or a group of campers, bubbling with excitement over our “kitchen chemistry” activity held on the western front porch. Perhaps you might catch the aromas floating from the back porch of the Mansion where campers are joyfully siting at café Norte’s circular umbrella tables, where they make their own pizzas. Once inside you will find campers focused on their tasks in our computer lab. And you’ll always remember our annual July 4th celebration by the flagpole in front of the Mansion, where we see the STARFISH story unfold.

So a lot has gone on and much still goes on around this place that affects kids’ lives for the better. What a history, what a Mansion!

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Hanging with Brian K!


Most people think that Disney World is the happiest place on Earth. But I tend to disagree.  After a brutally cold and snow-filled winter, what brings more pleasure to a parent than hearing the laughter and joy of a child after a long day of swimming, playing sports, singing, creating art masterpieces, and most importantly, bonding with friends. Continue reading

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Preparing your kids for the Future!

When parents talk about camp, most often they focus on the friendships their kids create, the new skills they develop and the smiles on their faces when they get home at the end of the summer. Continue reading

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Camping for the Camp Professional

Once a year the community of camp professionals descend upon Atlantic City for the largest gathering of youth development experts in the country. The Tri State Camp Conference is also the largest volunteer driven conference in America. We like to think of this conference as ‘Camp for the Camping Professional.’ As a community we are challenged to do the same things we ask our campers to do: participate, meet new people, attend a type of session you have never attended before and take risks and try new things. While the conference marks the start of Spring for us and the final 100 day countdown until Camp, the keynote and session speakers leave us wanting camp to start now! Continue reading

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On the Road Again!!

One of the most exciting features of our 5/6th & Voyager program is TRIP DAY!

Our campers cannot wait ‘til they “come of age” and are able to join these divisions just for this reason!
So where are they off to this summer? Continue reading

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He Didn’t Medal…Yet, He Is Still A Winner

It’s not always about winning, and we teach that from summer to summer through our North Shore Day Camp STARFISH program. It obviously helps when parents, teachers Continue reading

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Healthy Menu and Fun Eating!

We’ve been very busy preparing the summer menu. It’s been great sampling new foods and we’re real excited to be creating a menu that’s both delicious and nutritious. We’ve started by selecting the main meals that campers loved, and adding new healthy ones. Then we’ve matched them with a tasty vegetable for your enjoyment. We are always looking for and finding new, healthy items. Continue reading

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The Right Kind of Praise for Your Child

An essential piece in the development of every child is the process by which they come to feel good about themselves: building positive self-esteem.  Parents start the process on a baby’s first day and continue throughout their child’s growing years.  At their earliest age, children get used to the effusive praise of parents and other adults.  Neil Armstrong’s first step on the face of the moon was nothing compared to your child’s first step on the living room carpet.

Praising our children seems so logical and natural that it just doesn’t seem possible that there is a right way to do it – and a wrong way.  In a recent article by Katy Waldman, published by The Slate Group, the author points to recent studies that distinguish between positive and negative praise, effective and ineffective praise.  One of the key findings is that the effect of praise depends “on the characteristics of the kid receiving it.”

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Starting the New Year in an EPIC Way!

Happy New Year to all our campers and their families!  We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that you’re off to a great start to the New Year!  We’ve been very busy on our end planning what we expect to be an exceptional “EPIC” upcoming summer for you! Continue reading

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