Stepping Stones
(Ages 2 ½ to 5)

The Stepping Stones Advantage


“Designed for Success…Engineered for Fun”

North Shore Day Camp’s unique Stepping Stones program is specifically designed to provide your child with a developmental edge. What your child does during the two months of the summer can make a tremendous impact on their development. The skills our Stepping Stones campers learn in one summer form the foundation for success as they transition into their respective school experiences.

On their very own magical and intimate part of the campus, our youngest campers participate in a great blend of age-appropriate activities that are led by trained specialists and are designed to develop their physical, social and creative skills. Stepping Stones groups are kept small with excellent counselor-to-camper ratios.

Our exciting and innovative program consists of 30-minute activity periods throughout the day to keep both fun & concentration levels high.


Our Stepping Stones Campus includes:

  • Heated Swimming Pools for Instruction & Free Swim
  • Rec Hall Clubhouse – 2,500 square foot air-conditioned indoor activity area (i.e. Yoga & FAST Beginnings)
  • Gymnastics/Tumble Pavilion
  • Make Believe Village — Life-sized “play houses” for imaginative interaction
  • Pee Wee-sized Soccer & Baseball fields
  • Pee Wee-sized Basketball & Tennis courts
  • Rock climbing walls & tunnels
  • Arts & Crafts
  • ‘Exploration Stations’ for nature, story time and music

TGIM (Thank Goodness It’s Monday)

swimmerEvery Monday morning is special at NSDC with our fun and interactive ‘TGIM’ (Thank Goodness It’s Monday) program. These special events welcome our younger campers back to camp after a weekend at home and include interactive music concerts, animal shows, magic shows and much more!

Mini Day

Our campers entering their Nursery year in the fall can either select from our Full Day or Mini Day program. Our Mini Day program will run from 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM. Campers in our Mini Day program will be picked up at their home at the same time as our full day campers and can either be picked up at camp or at a central drop off location when their day ends at 1:30pm