North Shore Day Camp is excited to introduce our brand-new STEAM Academy called “SMART”!

S – Science
M – Math  
– Arts
R – Robotics
T – Technology

In “SMART” campers get the best of both worlds as they spend part of their day participating in a variety of areas such as Science, Engineering, Robotics, Coding, Rocketry, Computational Thinking, Digital Arts and more! And then join their group to participate in the rest of their camp day (i.e. sports, swim, adventure, etc.).

SMART Academy Details

  • Grades 1-4SMART is for campers entering 1st-4th grade
  • SMART will run for the full summer and campers can choose any number of weeks to participate in the program (i.e. 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, etc).
  • Campers in SMART will participate in a variety of exciting projects that foster learning in key areas such as creative problem solving and creative confidence.
  • It’s FREE! Campers can participate in SMART at no additional cost outside of our standard tuition.

See below for what our “SMART” campers will be doing this summer!

LEGO WeDo: Introduction to Robotics (1st – 4th Grade)

Oh wow, robots are fun! Let’s build robotic animals, sports games, and maze runners with the fun-first LEGO WeDo.  Our bots push, pull, reel, and steer – responding to their environment just as we build and code them. Plus an exciting introduction to the new LEGO Boost robotics system. Robotics is the fastest-growing industry in the world. And it’s also the most fun way to be introduced to computer science. Let’s build some bots!

In Lego WeDo campers will:

  • Build and code Lego Robotics
  • Collaborate and work with team members
  • Use the fundamentals of computational thinking
It’s Coding Time (1st-2nd Grade)

Campers will have fun while learning the basics of Programming, Collaboration Techniques, Investigation & Critical Thinking Skills, and Internet Safety. Campers will begin working with Coding Blocks to learn the basics of coding and then create their own program on Scratch. At the end of this course, campers will create their very own custom game from Play Lab that they can share with a link and play at home!

In “It’s Coding Time”, 1st & 2nd grade campers will:

  • Explore hands-on Coding with Movement
  • Work together learning about “If then” Statements
  • Act out algorithms
  • Learn the fundamentals of computational thinking
  • Discover the basics of coding by working with Coding Blocks & Scratch
CodeMaker: Code and Design Games with Scratch (3rd – 4th Grade)

Aspiring coders dive into creating animated stories and interactive experiences while learning essential programming concepts with Scratch. This drag-and-drop, creative environment developed by MIT uses Sprites and Code Blocks to set a foundation of computational thinking—an essential skill in this tech-driven world—enhanced by bright visuals and engaging design.

In CodeMaker 3rd & 4th Grade grade campers will:

  • Create variables and “if-else” statements
  • Program using Arithmetic Operators
  • Design and animate Sprites
  • Confidently and competently work with Scratch programming applications
  • Experiment and explore to build creativity and confidence
It’s Design and Cooking Time! (1st – 4th Grade)

Put your creative hats on, as this week our campers will delve into the world of 3D Design and Cooking with STEAM. Campers will explore the world of 3D graphic design as they learn how to create in 3D and bring home their creations. Campers will also become North Shore Chefs as they explore using STEAM in the Kitchen to create their own Solar Oven, create Unicorn Noodles and extract DNA from a Strawberry.

In Digital Arts & Design week campers will:

  • Learn and master the Engineering Design process
  • Explore the basics of 3D printing and design using Tinker CAD software to create a project they will take home
  • Build their own Solar Oven, learning how heat and energy work by making S’mores
  • Learn what happens to rice noodles as the pH of the water changes
  • Learn how scientists study DNA by extracting the DNA of a Strawberry
Junior ENGINEER Week
It’s Construction Time, Rocketry and more! (1st – 4th Grade)

Put your engineering hats on as this week our campers will blast off by building and launching their own rockets. Campers will also become naval architects, as they build their own boat and test whose boat can make it across the “Long Island Sound” (i.e. our swimming pool) in the fastest time. We will explore more engineering concepts during our junior engineer week so come and join us to find out!

In Engineering week campers will:

  • Learn concepts of Aerospace and Marine Engineering
  • Create and test Rockets in ways seen at NASA’s Headquarters
  • Calculate size and mass in order to figure out how much weight their handmade boats can hold
  • Design and problem-solve as they explore the world of engineering and become junior design engineers