North Shore CIT Program (for 10th Graders)

Camper in Training –
An Opportunity for Young Adults to Make a Positive Impact on Children

Campers entering 10th grade are eligible for our Camper in Training (CIT) program. The CIT program is the perfect opportunity for young adults, interested in making a positive impact on children, to learn the skills it takes for possible future work as a camp counselor.  CIT’s learn important life skills such as leadership development, teamwork, communication, management and cooperation.

In the spring preceding camp, potential CITs are interviewed by one of the camp’s directors to assess their interests and abilities.  Two thirds of their day will be spent working with a specific group of children or in a specific activity area.  There is also time for activities of their own and time to relax and have fun with their peers. The program includes two recreational day trips.

Directors, Division Leaders and counselors all work together to teach our CITs the competencies they need to work with children in a camp setting.

CITs have regular meetings throughout the summer with our top staff members who keep close track of each CIT’s progress.  Each CIT is evaluated after the first four weeks and again at the end of the summer.

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