Here’s To Your Health!

1) North Shore Day Camp.
2) Lots of happy children.
3) Healthy foods served daily.

Mix these ingredients altogether on a warm sunny day with some swimming, awesome activities, laughter, singing and some arts & crafts. Let sit until an appetite ensues…  Your final product?

A well-fed child who has the ability to choose from more than 25 different hot entrées for lunch! Many of which are low fat items, and all of which contain no trans fats. Yes, seriously! At North Shore Day Camp, we have the most extensive food menu in day camping! And this summer our menu continues to become even healthier.

Every day, campers can have their fill of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains from our daily, endless salad bars and our all-day fresh fruit stations which are positioned throughout the camp. Choose from a variety of fresh greens such as, broccoli, cauliflower, green and red peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, chick peas, hard boiled eggs, health salad, whole-grain breads, pita and low or no fat dressings (And there’s so much more!). We also offer daily low fat yogurts, serve whole-wheat pasta and have whole-wheat bread for sandwiches. At our BBQ, campers can munch on veggie burgers and turkey burgers, in addition to the usual Hebrew National hot dogs and hamburgers.

And just so you know, we are a “peanut aware” campus and therefore do not serve food items that contain nuts as an ingredient. So if your child comes home and tells you they had Peanut butter & Jelly, don’t be surprised as we also serve a “non-peanut” peanut butter, (It’s a peanut butter substitute for those campers who long for that peanut butter taste!)

As you know, kids will eat mostly what’s made available to them. At NSDC we do our very best to make sure that what we have on-hand for your child is only the healthiest of healthy! And for campers who have food allergies or special dietary needs, we have a special person on staff who assists the Division Leaders, counselors and campers in addressing those needs. We take the nutrition of our campers very seriously; so, “Here’s to your Health!”