Getting Our Staff Ready for Your Child

On Saturday, June 19th, our entire staff walked out of the Rec Hall armed with enthusiasm and great ideas to make this summer the best summer at NSDC!

Staff Orientation began on the 12th with our new new staff where they had the opportunity to “feel” what it’s like to be a camper here at North Shore Day Camp. Then, on the 15th, our returning staff members joined us – It was so great to see all those smiling, familiar faces again! The staff together (old & new) had the opportunity to work together as a team so that when your kids arrive on the 1st day of camp, we will be here together to greet them with open arms. The evening ended with the showing of our “North Shore Day Camp Video” and ice cream for all.

As we wrapped-up our final day of Staff Orientation on the 19th, counselors and specialists really dug in deep and had some incredible workshops. Our Division Leaders and leadership team members spoke about important topics such as STARFISH, Social Media, Bullying, as well as many other age-specific concerns. It all culminated with an incredible NSDC version of “Minute to Win It”. We are all looking forward to a fantastic summer with your child!