I LOVE North Shore Day Camp Because…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re part of North Shore Day Camp, Timber Lake, Timber Lake West, Tyler Hill or Hampton Country Day Camp, the Timber Lake Family of Camps has something for everyone. Our camp families’ ♥ camp and continue to return year after year. When asked why they ♥ camp, here’s what they had to say:

  • its awesome! ~ Annalise S.
  • it’s a second home ~ Danielle A.
  • it is magical… You meet so many new people who become your best friends. I have never had a better experience in my whole life. ~ Marissa J.
  • because it’s a place to be yourself. ~ Stephanie G.
  • it’s my happy place. =) The memories and friends I have made there are irreplaceable!!! ~ Amit S.
  • it is home!!! Life was easy at camp. Free and easy, and such happy memories ~ Stefanie M.
  • it is our 2nd home…. and they love us! ~ Skye B.
  • the staff and campers are unique, and they are what keep us returning ~ Tom C.
  • it’s ballin’ ~ Andrew G.
  • its home! ~ Laura R.
  • I miss it every day! ~ Chad P.
  • it’s a place still in my heart… ~ Andrew K.
  • it’s 100% pure friendship! ~ Ryan E.
  • friends are friends forever (through the summer and then after). ~ Scott G.
  • it’s the best camp ever, besides that you can get friends as a family, and more than that, your gonna be happy. ~ Juliana G.
  • it was fun for the whole family. ~ Philip L.