Camp Field Day for NYC School

Not too long ago, North Shore Day Camp had the opportunity to host PS6 (a New York City School)’s Field Day right here at camp!  500 teachers, students and parents were able to escape the city for a day and trade that in for our own beautiful landscape.

When the students arrived, everyone gathered around tables for a quick snack along with juice and water before the days activities began.  Once snack was over, the children were broken-up into smaller groups and got to experience what a typical day at North Shore Day Camp would be like (except for swimming of course, the weather was too brisk for that!)

The children enjoyed creating hand-made wreathes by gluing on colorful leaves and other Fall decorations, they played in our playground sliding through the tube slides and also played in our Stepping Stones Village.  We had egg relay races, basketball skills training, pumpkin picking, kick ball, soccer and so much more!

Half-way through the day, we took a break for lunch and the chatter was non-stop about what a great time everyone having.  One child was overheard saying “This is the best place ever!” and we couldn’t agree more! 🙂

The smiles across everyone’s faces said it all – this was a day to remembered for these students! Seeing camp filled during the off season with all those smiling faces and hearing the laughter ringing throughout the facilities made us yearn for Summer 2013 to come faster!

Looking to host a similar event?  Contact our office for availability.