1st Annual Golf Classic

North Shore Day Camp’s state-of-the-art miniature golf course has been one of our camper’s favorite activities here at camp. So much so, that this past summer we decided to start something new:  We held our very 1st NSDC Annual Golf Classic right here at camp for all our campers!

With a practice green, our campers were shooting through fountains and ponds, streams and bridges, water holes, sand traps and all kinds of fun challenges. All with the loud cheers and chants of support from their camp friends and counselors.

It was great to see our campers’ utilize many of the skills they learned here at camp from our golf instructors during our Golf Classic.  At NSDC, we’ve learned that an easy way to improve a camper’s golf score is to work on their short game – specifically putting.  One of our favorite camp skills & drills is placing 5-6 balls in a circle around the hole, about 3 feet away. Then our campers hit every ball in the hole. They repeat the process a few times in a row. If you miss a putt, you start all over!  However, once you complete it, then our campers move the balls back to 4 feet away from the hole and then repeat the process working their way out farther and farther from the hole.

With our campers armed with their putting skills, by the time our Golf Classic rolled around, they were ready for some action!  See for yourself!