How About Making a Gift This Year?

With the holidays upon us, it got us to thinking about gift-giving to our family and friends.  What better way to tell someone how special they are then to hand-make a gift especially for them!

Here at camp, we believe that arts & crafts activities stimulates our camper’s imagination and creativity. Whether it’s drawing, painting, woodworking, jewelry making or ceramics, the process of actually creating the project is always more important than the end result.

At camp, there is never a right or wrong way for our campers to express themselves through their craft activities.  Once our campers become aware that they are in charge and have influence over the creativity behind what they are working on, the feeling that they are in command of their project gives them the confidence to attempt any type of project here at North Shore!

So dig out your art supplies at home (paper, photographs, beads, string, clay, glitter, glue, markers, paints) and ask your child if he/she wants to make something special for someone this holiday season!