Questions for Camper Emma!

1) Where are you from?
I live with my mom and dad and I’m from Oyster Bay, New York.  My dog’s name is Oscar and he is a “hot dog” dog!

2) What do you like to do?
I like karate – I’m an Orange Belt. I also like skiing, arts and crafts and playing with friends.

3) Have you taken any recent trips lately?
I’ve been to Disney World, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Colorado!

4) What are some of your “favorites” such as your favorite book, favorite color…etc.
My favorite book is A to Z Mysteries and The Haunted Hotel.  My favorite color is purple. My favorite song is Trouble When You Walked In by Taylor Swift.  My favorite games are I Spy and Monopoly. My favorite saying is “Totes Mcgotes” which means “totally”.

5) How did you end up at North Shore Day Camp?
My cousin Jenna was going to NSDC.  We visited the camp and we liked it a lot, so my parents decided to send me.

6) How many years have you been here?
This summer (Summer 2013) will be my 6th year!

7) What do you love most about camp?
I love Show Club, Arts and Crafts, GaGa, Carnival & of course Triathlon!!!

8) What is your favorite moment/memory from camp?
On the first day of camp, everyone came up to me and said “Hi! How are you? What’s your name?”  I will never forget how friendly everyone was.

9) What are you most looking forward to this coming summer?
I’m most excited about going to adventure and doing the zip line and all the club activities.