Zachary is Joining Big Sis at Camp This Summer!

North Shore Day Camp siblings Rebecca (10 yrs) and Zachary (6 yrs) are from Roslyn Heights. They have a puppy named Coco, 2 parakeets named Sweetie and Cutie and 2 fish named Finn Ryder and Fishy. Rebecca and Zachary love spending time with their family at the beach and at the pool. They enjoy fishing, bicycle riding and walking their dog. They can’t wait to go back to Camp this summer and we can’t wait to see them!

Favorite Books: The Harry Potter series.
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Song: Trouble by Taylor Swift
Favorite Game: Crazy 8’s

Rebecca is in 5th grade. She loves playing soccer, basketball, tennis, karate and violin. She loves school (yes, school!), Hebrew school and arts and crafts.

“My mom took me to look at North Shore Day Camp when I became bored at another day camp. Last summer was my first summer and it was the best camp I ever went to! I love the adventure course, soccer, and ceramics. I made a lot of nice friends. The sleep over at camp was so much fun too. I love the food and the field trips are awesome.  I can’t wait to do the miniature golf. I am looking forward to everything!”

Favorite Book: Brothers at Bat
Favorite TV show: Wild Kratts
Favorite Movie: School of Rock
Favorite Game: Spot it

Zachary is in 1st grade. He loves to play all sports especially soccer, basketball and baseball. He also loves all kinds of animals. He goes to Tae Kwon Do and plays the violin. He loves music, wants to play all instruments and loves to dance.

“This is going to be my first summer at North Shore Day Camp. When I first saw Camp, I liked it soooo much! I loved the mini golf, all of the fields, the rope course and the pool. Everything looked like so much fun. I am most excited to play all of the sports this coming summer – I can’t wait!”