Too Young for North Shore Day Camp?

If you think your little one is too little for North Shore Day Camp, think again!  Our Stepping Stones Program is specifically tailored for our campers’ aged 2 ½ to 5 yrs old. While you may think it’s too early to be packing your child off for the day, you may not be aware of the many benefits that our Stepping Stones Summer Program offers:

A little place for little people: Here at North Shore, our youngest campers have their very own magical and intimate part of the campus called “Stepping Stones Village,” which is separate and apart from the main part of the camp. Each of our Stepping Stones groups is kept small, and our staffing is extensive. Our trained specialists have early childhood experience, and a great enthusiasm for our youngest campers.

A chance to test the waters: We offer swimming lessons to our Stepping Stone campers in a pool appropriate for their ability. Your child will have a chance to start mastering some of the basics of water and pool safety. Our daily program offers all kinds of exciting activities that includes two swim periods each day.

Activities: Our Stepping Stones activities go above and beyond! Here are just some of the exciting things you can expect your child to come home and tell you all about! Pee-wee Tennis, Nature, Basketball, Cooking, Soccer, Music, Hockey, Dance, Softball, Rock Climbing Wall & Tunnels, Kiddie Electric Cars, Modern Playgrounds, Sandworld, Arts & Crafts, Beach Volleyball, Spider Zone and so much more!

A preview of preschool: If your child is scheduled to start “real” school in the fall, North Shore Day Camp will give your child a taste of what’s to come!  Having a structured day where they are following instructions, being with other children their age and learning to organize his/her belongings, is a fundamental skill that will help them as they begin their travels down the road of academic life.  Our sister school, North Shore Day School, offers a Learning On Vacation program to help bridge the time between camp and school.

Souped-up social skills: Learning to interact with other children (including sharing and taking turns) at an early age can be a huge benefit  – especially if your child hasn’t had many opportunities to hang out with other children their own age. Even if your child has been attending nursery or preschool during the school year, chances are he/she will encounter plenty of fresh new faces here at North Shore Day Camp. So what does that mean? New summer pals!

So, if you think your little one is too little for North Shore Day Camp, think again! You can request for more information HERE or give us a call at 516-676-0904.