Week #3 – We’ve Been as Busy as a Bee!

So much has been going on here at camp!  Who could imagine that camp could fly by so quickly?  The energy is high and everyone continues to bubble over with excitement each and every morning.  It’s clear that our campers look forward to arriving at camp every morning by the smiles on their faces!  So much so that we decided the other day to make it 1 step easier for them to get here once they wake up!

Have you ever dreamed of waking up and just rolling out of bed and going straight to camp?  If so, then you must be a camper at North Shore Day Camp!  Last week we enjoyed one of our many themed camp days called “Pajama Day” where getting ready for camp was a matter of just waking up!

But last week was also a warm week – REALLY – REALLY warm!  So we had fun keeping cool with extended swim time and lots of water play. We also had Goofy Glasses Day, Morry’s Swim-a-thon, the Voyagers went on a 4-day overnight trip, 5th & 6th graders went fishing, and we ended last week with a super special event called “Twisted Sports Spin Off”.

It was the girls against the boys as we competed in several “twisted” relay races (in our air conditioned rec hall!!)  Some of the “twisted” things we did was bowling with a frisbee, shooting golf balls (by hand) up onto the tee box and into the hole as well as bat a ball around a maze while “riding” a horse. Sounds twisted and silly?? It sure was and we had a ball screaming and cheering for our teammates!

We certainly are very busy here at NSDC.  Check out last week’s highlights and see for yourself!