Hanging with Brian K!


Most people think that Disney World is the happiest place on Earth. But I tend to disagree.  After a brutally cold and snow-filled winter, what brings more pleasure to a parent than hearing the laughter and joy of a child after a long day of swimming, playing sports, singing, creating art masterpieces, and most importantly, bonding with friends.

Well, the happiest place on earth for my own children as well as myself is North Shore Day Camp. I am very fortunate, as I see many children on a daily basis stroll through my computer lab, eager to create a new design on Kid Pix, play a game, or learn a new program. My name is Brian Katz, and I’m the computer specialist at North Shore Day Camp.

I look forward to my second summer in the North Shore Computer Lab. During the school year, I am a sixth grade social studies and math teacher.  I have been with the Manhasset School district for the past 18 years and have taught numerous grades and subjects at the elementary level. I am certified in both Elementary Education as well as Special Education. There is no greater joy than seeing the eyes of a child light up when they truly understand a new concept or are bewildered and amazed by the unexplainable.  I use technology in my classroom every day as well as in my home, where I am raising my three children.  We live in a very technology driven world, and it is important that our children learn how to properly use these tools in a fun, but safe manner.

Last summer I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many campers. The older campers came to computer club, where we created calendars, played games, learned some interactive programs (Mission US), and explored the world of computer technology. The younger groups joined me in the lab where they learned to create designs on Kid Pix, make interactive comics with Comic Life, and learn new educational based, but fun games.  The Stepping Stones, first and second graders joined me in the lab for a special educational enrichment program.  Many times, students return to their classrooms in September and suffer from a slight educational regression. Our summer educational program at North Shore Day Camp is designed to continue the progression of reading and math skills, so when school begins your child is comfortable and confident. We use programs such as Reading Eggs and Education City, where the camper plays fun computer games, while solidifying her/his skill level.  This activity usually takes place in very small groups or one on one. Each session is individualized based on the needs of the camper.

As we approach summer 2014, we look to add a few more exciting activities to our rich technology program. Keep on the look-out for a Minecraft Club as well as a Whodunit Mystery Challenge. I look forward to seeing everyone at camp for a summer of fun, sun and computers.