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Family Connect regularly features new or unique ideas, businesses, ventures, philanthropic or other endeavors that our camp families are involved in. Camp parents send us their submissions. Items are selected for either a feature article or for our directory of businesses, services and events. With over 3000 camp families, our hope is that finding out about what’s happening in our greater camp community will create synergies and benefits far beyond the already tremendous benefits your children get from a summer experience at camp.

                              FEATURED NEW VENTURE OF THE MONTH
The Chord Club by Billboard

Tyler Hill Camp parent, Ian Behar, becomes the first to submit a “new, exciting and unique” venture to our FAMILY CONNECT blog with the opening of The Chord Club by Billboard, a state of the art recording studio, recreational music school and private event space. Along with his partners, Ian is proud to showcase this 5,700 square foot studio, located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side (207 East 94th Street) JUST opened and TLC Family of Camp members are welcome to take advantage of an exclusive VIP PASS to the studio.

As described by The Chord Club:
“The Chord Club is designed for the child who dreams of becoming the next music sensation. The facility consists of two large recording studios, private classrooms and a sunlit event space – perfect for high-octane birthdays and memorable milestone celebrations. The class offerings are modern, edgy, and driven by current music trends, designed for families with children from ages 5 months to 17 years. In addition to scheduled classes during the week, the studio offers one-on-one private music lessons (voice, guitar, bass and piano), recording studio sessions and unique event experiences, all led by notable and passionate professionals in the music industry. As an example, Hailee Steinfeld was just in the studio rocking out with her fans. Their DJ classes are off the charts and the venue is a great place to create the coolest birthday party celebrations in town!”
In celebration of its opening, The Chord Club invites TLC Family of Camps families in for a complimentary trial class during the months of December or January and priority class registration for their Winter Semester. Families will receive access to The Chord Club’s “VIP Services” upon booking a private party in the space. For more information or to learn more, please visit the or Call Guest Relations at (212) 246-7369.

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