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Reel Sports Productions

Timber Lake West parent, Jeff Ross, had every teenage sports fanatic’s dream job – producer for major sports networks. With over 20 years of experience at ESPN and NBC Golf Channel, Jeff had been at the helm of productions like Stanley Cup Final, Daytona 500, Olympics, and Super Bowl – with 3 Emmy® awards to boot!

But last year Jeff said goodbye to network sports – and also to great tickets for major sporting events – for which his two sons Paul and Jonny, a 3rd year West counselor and Teen 2 camper, respectively, are still mourning. Instead, Jeff opted to try his hand at a labor of love.

Jeff’s new venture is Reel Sports Productions – a production company that creates video resume reels for prospective prep school and college athletes.  He believes student athletes are so much more than the sum of their academic grades, stats, and team records. That is why Jeff loves working with these young athletes to help put a face on the stats and let their individual character and performance shine through.

Reel Sports combines home videos with video Jeff shoots himself, and then has the athlete ‘host’ their own reels.  The result is a small, convenient package that can be electronically blasted off to recruiters and coaches.

If you would like to check out Jeff’s videos or want to learn more about his services, click here.

And if you have a child who is interested in pursuing a career in sports broadcasting, feel free to have them reach out to Jeff for any questions or advice. You can contact him through his website or LinkedIn page.

Reel Sports Productions