Are you ready for a Magical summer?!

North Shore Day Camp is excited to offer our first ever magic camp this summer as part of our “Camp Within A Camp” program for campers entering 1st-6th Grade.

Campers will spend a fun and exciting week learning the “tricks of the trade” from renowned magician, Gary Ferrar, an acclaimed mentalist and magician who has performed on Live on Fox News Channel as well as for the celebrity judges on American’s Got Talent.

In addition to performing a variety of shows for adults and children, Gary has substantial experience teaching private magic lessons and leading classes for kids, so he’s the perfect person to spend the week teaching our campers a variety of skills along with fostering an interest and love of magic!

Magic camp will be offered on our camp grounds from 9:30am-12:00pm the week of July 16th-July 20th and campers of all interests and abilities are welcomed.

We sat down with Gary to learn more about he got started in magic and what we can look forward to this summer. You can also click here to learn more about our other Camp Within A Camp programs.

When did you start becoming interested in magic and what inspired you to make a career out of being a magician?
I was captivated after seeing a magic show at my 4th birthday party.  However, I didn’t decide to do it professionally until after graduating from college with a degree in theater.  At that point, I learned that magic was a great way to have total control over all aspects of my performance.

What different types of performances/programs/shows do you offer during the year?
I’m unique in that I perform many different styles of magic, from adult stage mentalism, to strolling cocktail magic, to zany kid’s shows.  And I find that each style helps to improve the others by keeping my energy and perspective fresh.

What makes you unique as a magician from other performers? Do you have a specialty?
I think the fact that I got serious about magic later than most magician has worked to my advantage. I didn’t socialize with other magicians and came up with a unique style that focuses primarily on the audience, rather than me.

What is your philosophy/approach in teaching and working with kids?
I like to explain a lot about the psychology of magic.  This allows the kids to think for themselves, and rather than just become little magic robots, they understand why the things they are doing work, and they can then apply those skills to other tricks or aspects of life.

What can camp families expect their kids to get out of a week-long workshop with you this summer?

The kids will learn some magic tricks, of course, but more importantly, stage presence, self-awareness, and confidence!