Camp Cheat Sheet

For all of our new incoming campers (and for those who want to start getting back into that good ‘ol camp spirit!), we thought we’d jot down a few camp terms, with their definitions, to help get you started so that when you set foot on camp grounds in 61 days, you’ll be off and running!

TGIM – (For our Stepping Stones campers) Thank Goodness it’s Monday! Every Monday we have a special event to welcome back our Stepping Stone campers for another great week of camp.

Stepping Stones – Our campers entering Nursery through Kindergarten. They have their own special place at NSDC!

Club – Club time is the favorite time of the day for most of our first grade and older campers. During club time campers can select their activity choice from a wide variety of options and they get to engage in that activity for one or two periods a day for the club cycle.

Selectives – Our 5th through 9th grade campers have one or two periods weekly where they “select” what they’d like to do from a choice of several activities.

STARFISH – Campers quickly learn the importance of the values taught in our STARFISH program (Sportsmanship, Tolerance, Appreciation, Respect, Friendship, Integrity, Sensitivity and Helpfulness.) Not only do we incorporate these values in our daily camp life, we also have a STARFISH raffle at our weekly Friday assembly at which campers and counselors are recognized for the wonderful things they’ve done throughout the summer.

Triathlon – This is our version of “Color War.” For 3 days NSDC is divided into two teams who compete in a variety of fun and exciting events. The time, place and manner in which Triathlon “breaks” (begins) is always a highlight of the summer!