FAST Athletics

It’s Fun to be FAST!

runningFAST (Fitness & Athletic Skills Training) provides all children—regardless of athletic ability—with a foundation in sport-specific movements and skills. This leads to greater self-confidence and a love for physical activity. FAST coaches incorporate FUN, drill-based games, challenges and obstacle courses into each activity period to enhance:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Reaction/Reflexes
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Core-Stability

How is FAST incorporated into NSDC’s daily program?

Stepping Stones

FAST Beginnings is designed specifically for our Stepping Stones campers (Nursery-Kindergarten). Stepping Stones campers are the perfect age-group to begin developing core motor skills with an introduction to basic, sport-specific movement patterns.

FAST activity periods are geared toward creating a fun and positive learning environment to promote continual improvement in overall motor skill development. Our coaches incorporate a variety of drill-based games, contests, obstacle courses and music into each session so your child always has fun!

FAST Beginnings is scheduled one time a week for our youngest campers and they LOVE IT!


Upper Camp

FAST is programmed into the weekly schedule as a group activity throughout the summer for campers in 1st-4th grade. Additionally, FAST is offered as part of our Club program for our Upper Camp campers (1st-NSDC’s CREW).

Is there an extra cost for the FAST program?

No! There is no additional cost to our families. FAST is built into your child’s schedule as a complement to our already excellent athletic program.

Can we find FAST during the year? 

FAST has a home-base location in Wheatley Plaza and offers multi-sport & movement classes throughout the year for children as young as 18 months (Mommy & Me) up through 7th grade! Learn more by visiting