Build Essential Career Skills


At NSDC, we view the summer experience not as a “job”, but rather “The Ultimate Paid Internship”. At camp you will develop what we call “Essential Skills/Soft Skills” that are extremely appealing to universities and future employers.

Essential skills are character traits & interpersonal skills that characterize a person’s relationships with other people (i.e. Communication, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership). Employers, more than ever, are looking for candidates with strong “essential/soft” skills.

 “5 Essential Skills” You’ll Develop at Camp for Future Success:
  1. Communication Skills – You will communicate with people at every level of the organization – campers, fellow staff, camp directors & parents.
  2. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving – You will be challenged to think on your feet & resolve a myriad of issues on a daily basis.
  3. Interpersonal & Leadership Skills – You will model professionalism & compassion by managing campers, while contributing to the growth & development of each child.
  4. Collaborative Skills / Teamwork– You will receive on -the-ground, practical, real-life training in how to work within a team and build the culture of your camp community.
  5. Creativity / Adaptability – You will develop innovative & fun ways to engage an audience of 2 to 20 and learn to adapt when faced with unexpected changes to the daily routine.

In addition to developing these key essential skills & gaining real world work experience, working at camp also provides an amazing opportunity to make life-long friends and participate in one of the best summer experiences of your life!

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“If companies should be hiring anyone, it should be camp counselors. Camp counselors are arguably some of the most patient, caring, hard-working individuals out there, and companies would be lucky to have them on their staff.”
– Mark Weller, LinkedIn