Job Descriptions

Staff Positions @ NSDC

General/Group Counselors

Each group of campers is led by 2 – 3 Group Counselors who fill the role as mentor, coach, older sibling and teacher. Much of campers’ summer success lies with the relationship they develop with their group counselor. Counselors spend the day working with their campers and participating in all activities with them. We look for applicants who have patience, compassion, great listening and communication skills, spirit and the ability to relate to children.


Group Leaders

Group Leaders head up our Stepping Stones and first grade groups. Their job entails all of the responsibilities of a Group Counselor as well as directing the group counselors that work with them. Group Leaders must be at least 21 years of age.

Division Leaders

Division Leaders act as a liaison between the Directors and the group or division for which they are responsible. Division Leaders are direct supervisors of the campers and counselors in their groups and assist the Directors with all activities, group issues and staff performance. The Division Leaders are fully involved in all aspects of their campers’ day, including meal supervision, group management and scheduling. They meet with the Directors before each day begins to exchange information as to the events of that particular day and maintain an open line of communication with their counselors and campers. Each afternoon, after campers go home, Division Leaders review each of their groups’ Daily Reports, which are filled out by their counselors. The Division Leader meets with a Director and communicates with parents at this time.


Specialty positions include athletics, swim, adventure, creative and performing arts areas. The role of a specialist is to provide instruction to campers in their specific area of expertise with the assistance of the Group Counselors. Some of these positions require extra training (which we provide). Swim staff must have current swim certifications.

  • Nassau Certified Lifeguards and WSI’s
  • Athletics – Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, FAST Fundamentals
  • Outdoor Adventure – Climbing Wall, Ropes Course
  • Creative Arts – Arts & Crafts, Ceramics, Cooking, Nature, Wonderworks (Science), Computers
  • Performing Arts – Drama, Dance, Music
Lead Specialist

soccerYou will lead, teach, supervise and ensure the overall safety of the specialty area. Applicants must demonstrate significant experience teaching/coaching in the specialty area, as well as the ability to train and supervise a group of assistants. We require our Lead Specialists to be able to work autonomously, developing their own program within our camp’s philosophy. We follow a team approach and all work together to ensure the highest quality program and camp experience.

Support Staff

Support Service Staff work behind the scenes to ensure camp is running smoothly, working in food service, maintenance, security, health center or the office.

  • Food Service – actively participates in all aspects of food service at camp to provide a full camp lunch daily – set-up, prep, serving and clean-up.
  • Maintenance/Security
  • Health Center
  • Office – answers phones, takes messages, talks to prospective and current camper’s parents, and assists programming and media teams.




Although “tipping” is prohibited at North Shore Day Camp, our In-Camp Evaluation and Performance-Based bonus program makes it possible to earn extra money.

Performance Bonuses

Group Counselor Up to $600
Stepping Stones Group Leader Up to $750
Swim Staff Up to $400
Specialists Up to $150
CDL Driver and Bus Counselor Up to $300
Perfect Attendance Bonus $100
Driver's Perfect Attendance Bonus $200
*Staff Referral Bonuses $150 and up
depending on position

*North Shore Day Camp is an equal opportunity employer (EEO) and provides fair and equal employment opportunity for all job applicants regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability.