Our Stepping Stone Campers are Reaching New Heights!

On their very own magical and intimate part of the campus, our Stepping Stones (campers from 2.5 – 5 years old) groups are kept small, and staffing is extensive. Activities are led by trained specialists who have early childhood expertise, and a great enthusiasm for young children.  Many of our staff and campers are part of our family at North Shore Day School during the school year.

In athletics, campers have been learning so many important skills.  They have been dribbling and passing in basketball; learning stick handling in hockey; passing and shooting in soccer; forehand and backhand in tennis; throwing, catching and positioning in softball; and more!  It’s amazing to watch the Stepping Stones cross the low ropes, high up in the trees. And, as always, Ga-Ga has become everyone’s favorite activity!

The Stepping Stones are loving the pools too!  They are learning breathing techniques, front crawl, back and front float and some have even taken the plunge and gone down the slide in the big pool!  Swim periods are a refreshing part of everyone’s day.

We are having an amazing summer in Stepping Stones!  Life long memories and friendships are being made every day here at North Shore Day Camp!