Spotlight on Staff: Liz

Hi – My name is Liz. I’m 41 years old and I live in Sea Cliff, Long Island. How I found myself at NSDC is rather interesting: I chose NSDC for my daughter Ryan to go to as a camper. After touring this magnificent place, it was clear to me that this camp was the most loving, nurturing and wonderful environment out there. Ryan attended NSDC for 2 summers, and I ultimately knew inside my heart that this is a place where I had to go to also!

At NSDC, I am one of the group leaders for the Stepping Stones campers. During the regular school year, I am a special education teacher. I work with children mainly from ages 2-5. I am also the PTA President for Ryan’s elementary school. So basically, I am working with children year-round, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Some of my favorite interests are skiing and gardening. Next to working with children, those are two of my passions!

What I find particularly amazing is being able to watch my campers grow and become these great, outgoing little people. It’s thrilling and life-changing all at the same time because I get to see the effects of all the positive impacts that camp and making new friendships have on children.

As a parent of a camper too, I was incredibly impressed with how the camp is run. Particularly with the STARFISH philosophy. What also stands out is not only the exemplarily food that is served to the children daily, but the cleanliness of the camp grounds, and the maintenance of the facility in it’s entirety.  As a group leader staff member, I can honestly say that I was even more impressed because I got to see how things were run from the inside. When my friends would ask how my summer was going, my response was simple: “I’d like to work at North Shore Day Camp FOREVER!”