Questions for Camper: Indio

Hi I’m Indio. I am 6 years old and live in Port Washington, NY with my mom. We live in an old house across from the water where we can see the Empire State building from our porch.  I started playing baseball this fall and I am hoping to get a bull dog for my birthday in the Spring (and I’m doing a lot of begging to my mom for it too!)  I just had a small part in an independent movie which was a lot of fun to do. I also march with my Uncle Bob’s band in parades all over Long Island for local fire departments.  So I get to see a lot of places here on Long Island.

1) What is the number #1 thing you love most about camp?
The #1 thing I love most about camp is the arcade. I got to play Pac-Man, baseball and ping pong with my friends.

2) What was the funniest thing that happened to you at camp?
The funniest thing that happened to me last summer was when I on the climbing wall and ended up in a goofy position. I looked like a pretzel and I had no idea which hand or leg to move next!  Thank goodness for the outdoor adventure counselors!  I didn’t know if I was going up or down the wall in the position I was in!

3) What is your favorite memory from last summer?
My favorite memory from last summer was the Carnival. I had Cotton Candy for the first time and even though I ended up all sticky it was great!  I could get get sticky like that anytime! I also liked dunking the lifeguard in the water!

4) Describe camp using only 3 words:
Heaven on Earth.

5) What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?
Seeing all my old friends and making new ones. I can’t wait to play golf and kick ball again!