Questions for Camper: Madeline

My name is Madeline – I am 6 years old, I’m in the first grade and I live in Sea Cliff, New York.  This will be my 3rd summer at North Shore Day Camp!!  My younger brother Benjamin will be coming with me this year for his first time, so we are both very excited for camp to start.  When I am not at camp, I like to be outside and to play on my Dad’s iPad.  I also love to play soccer and my family goes skiing almost every weekend in the winter.  This year I started ballet and am learning to play the piano.

1) What is the number #1 thing you love most about camp?
I like going on the zip line because it is a lot of fun.  Once you get up the tree, it’s not too scary.  And going down is so much fun!

2) What was the funniest thing that happened to you at camp?
The funniest thing this past summer at camp was when Stacey and Stu performed during the Dancing With The Staff competition at assembly.  They were dressed in costumes that made me laugh so hard!

3) What is your favorite memory from last summer?
My favorite memory was when Paula announced color war – It was so exciting.  I was on the blue team!

4) Describe camp using only 3 words:
Excellent, Great, Amazing

5) What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?
I am looking forward to going back to Adventure and swimming in the pool!