NSDC Show Club Presents….

Mimicking the popular Fox TV Show, the NSDC Show Club’s “Glee” is sure to be a hit when our Show Club campers perform this exciting musical tomorrow in front of the whole camp! In this version, the North Shore High School glee club is in need of more members in order to go to the Regional Glee Club competition. They try to recruit more kids, but the kids are made fun of and bullied by some of the other students.

Much of what our campers acted out during the many rehearsals, embodies what we teach here at camp through our STARFISH Values Program:  Sportsmanship, Tolerance, Appreciation, Respect, Friendship, Integrity, Sensitivity and Helpfulness.  Despite the resistance, their characters kept pushing ahead and practicing, eventually pulling in enough members to go to the competition and perform. The show is full of the cast’s favorite Glee songs and some great dancing! Everyone at camp is buzzing about how great this summer’s show will be!

From our Director: “It was a pleasure to work with such a talented group of children. I wanted this to be a workshop type of production where the campers made many of the decisions. They decided on sets, costumes, setting, group name and even chose some of the songs. After talking to the campers about how they wanted to cast the show, they decided they would rather each have a small part and everyone be included than for just some of them to have big parts. They made a huge commitment, spending 6 weeks devoted only to the show during their club period. I am truly impressed by their level of dedication. They made my first summer at NSDC one I will never forget.” – Lisa