Voyagers Update – Rhyming Style!

It’s been busy for our Voyagers, that much is true, but there’s still more to come this summer, no reason for them to be blue!

AdventureLand is always a fun day out, the rides made them all scream and shout!  During our most recent “Voyager’s Project” event; you could find us out under the lunch tent!  A “Fear Factor” food challenge was what they were given; all four teams were totally driven!  They all competed with determination and pride; all in all, it was a really fun ride!  “Orange Crush” was the winning team; they fought the whole way and never lost steam!  A pizza party lunch is what they won; they will go out of camp, which is always so much fun!

We also went to The Bronx Zoo, so much to see and so many fun things to do!  The monorail took us through “Wild Asia”, we all saw hippos, like in “Fantasia”!  We saw monkeys, gorillas, and baby giraffes; our Voyagers rode on camels too, for additional laughs!!  The sea lions performed tricks during feeding time; this was a highlight, a memory that shines!

To the movie theater we also did go, our Voyagers definitely all enjoyed the show. Our next excursion we are off to the Split Rock Resort, we’ll be sure to check-in again for another full report!  🙂