We don’t need Trip Advisor…We have Kristen!

You might be tempted to check Yelp, Angie’s List, Trip Advisor or Consumer Reports when looking to for reviews, but we think the best review of a camp comes from a camper. So, to learn more about North Shore Day Camp, take a look at Kristen’s review!


North Shore Day Camp
Reviewed by Kristen Romano

Every day I am so excited to go to NSDC. North Shore Day Camp is the best camp ever. North Shore Day Camp is where you play sports and arts and crafts and also go in the pool 2 times a day. Parents should know the counselors are so nice and responsible.
One reason that North Shore Day Camp is the best camp ever is Carnival. It is a day where you go to the soccer field and it is set up like a Carnival with fun rides, ices and more.
Another reason is they have 4 pools that are so fun. The main pool has 3 water slides and a place where you can dive in. You have free swim and instruction swim.
The last reason is my favorite, Triathlon. There is a gold team and a blue team. They have tug a war and relay races and more. It is the last week of camp and is three days. What you do in Triathlon is go against the other team in fun games. You dress up in you color and you can spray your hair the color for spirit points.
They also have 3 playgrounds and a drama stage. Also, they have clubs like, adventure (that has a zip line), sports and arts and crafts. In sports you play soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis. In arts and crafts you make jewelry and ceramics.
North Shore Day Camp is in Glen Cove. They have a web site www.northshoredaycamp.com. I give it 5 water slides! You must go to NSDC NOW!!!!!