The World Would Be a Better Place If…

We came across this great blog post that we feel sums up perfectly, why we at North Shore Day Camp believe the camp experience is so special–not just for our amazing campers, but for us too!

Enjoy the piece below and try to sprinkle a little summer camp into your daily lives!


“If Our Daily Lives Were More Like Summer Camp…

…we’d bond more quickly and more deeply.

…we’d make new friends + treasure the old.

…exercise would be a lifestyle, not a scheduled activity.

…we’d sing more often and not worry about being out of tune.

…meals wouldn’t be eaten alone.

…we’d write and read more letters.

…the sun would warm our backs.

…even the fiercest competition would still be friendly.

…we’d be ourselves.

…money wouldn’t cross our minds.

…we’d make stuff.

…we’d notice the stars in the sky.

…giving and getting “warm fuzzies” would happen every day.

…we’d hug more.

…we’d sleep soundly through the night.

…we’d look up, and laugh, and love, and lift.

What’s one thing you can do to make tomorrow feel a little more like summer camp?  Tis the season…”

By Brynn Harrington

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